Customer Experience Is The Key

By April 24, 2015Articles

A new survey in Timetrade explains how customer experience is the differentiator in turning visitors into customers. With so much information at their fingertips, you’d think shoppers would know exactly what they wanted before stepping foot in a store. But when we surveyed 1,000 consumers, at least half of them go shopping before they’ve made up their minds. Delivering a successful customer experience is the key.

Why Shoppers Are Leaving Stores Empty Handed
And how to convert in-store visits into sales

With so much information at their fingertips, you would think shoppers know exactly what they want before stepping foot in a store. However, when TimeTrade surveyed 1,200 consumers, more than half of respondents report that after they have browsed online, they have narrowed their selection down to 2 or 3 products, but still need help making a final decision. This statistic represents a paradigm shift in purchase behavior as shopping or “discovery” is now done online and final purchase

decisions are made in the store. This is an opportunity for retailers to provide customers with the right knowledge so they can help with final buying decisions. If retailers do not provide the right help, consumers leave the store empty handed, and many of them are not returning. Consumers had a lot more to share about their retail experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly. Here is what they revealed and what it means for retailers today.

How retailers are missing the mark

Consumers are walking into retail stores expecting to get prompt and knowledgeable help while they shop. But consumers are not getting the help they need. Of the 1,200 consumers surveyed, 90 percent cannot find the right person to help them. This means that 90 percent of these shoppers

take their business elsewhere. To win over frustrated shoppers, retailers must provide them with prompt service from a knowledgeable store associate that will be able to answer their questions and create a superior customer experience.

Retailers’ secret weapons for customer satisfaction – and higher sales

Knowledgeable sales associates are more powerful – and vital to retailers’ success – than ever before. When they connect with indecisive shoppers, 90 percent are likely to make a purchase. In fact, sales increase because of these very interactions. 60 percent said they would spend more money if they could just get the help they need, and 91 percent would leave the store more satisfied. According to the 60 major retailers that TimeTrade recently surveyed, they know what is at stake: 80 percent noted that sales increase by 25-50 percent when knowledgeable store associates assist shoppers. The impact extends far beyond the one store visit, as nearly 91 percent of consumers would shop with that retailer again.

If given the opportunity, shoppers prefer a selfservice appointment scheduling option that allows them to connect with the exact person they need at a time that is convenient for them. One survey respondent reports that fast access to the right sales rep is what makes Nordstrom stand out from the crowd, “At Nordstrom, you can always book appointments with any associate, and they call when they find something you love.” Today’s shoppers simply want knowledgeable help and prompt service when it is most convenient for them – but in order to deliver this, retailers need to be able to match them with the right employee.

“Changing the tide,
one shopper at a time”

Consumers may have access to more information than ever before, but the in-store experience is still relevant as the purchasing decision point. Retailers who can provide the right help at this purchasing decision point will enable a sales opportunity, an opportunity for cross-sell and up-sell and a personal customer experience that will create store and brand loyalty.