Why our Cloud Based Business Intelligence Platform?

Accurate reporting is a vital tool for businesses to analyze their operations and use that information for the decision-making process to evaluate the effectiveness. We deliver you highly advanced and easy-to-use reports for various departments and functions. These analyses can be automated, customized and sent on a regular, predetermined basis.

From the minute we start counting, we gather all your data, people counting and other such as occupancy and path mapping, from our devices and store it in our
Cloud reporting tool.

We integrate your marketing campaigns. You can enjoy our breakthrough feature weather input into the system to produce all-rounded outcomes and results. All these data are analyzed with machine learning methods to deliver you actionable information about your stores, campaigns, investments, products and operations.


We provide the full integration of our Cloud Solution into your existing hardware. No matter what your existing brand is, we can help you upgrade your reporting system by switching to our platform.

With minimum hassle and at no extra cost, we can make your People Counting Solutions turn data into real profits.


Customer Traffic
V-Cloud analyses your customer traffic combining with various metrics such as revenue and staff count automatically. This information can then be turned into action plans for increasing profitability and efficiency in your business.

Correlation Between Data Parameters
Analyse the correlation between the weather and various metrics such as sales, traffic and transaction. The percentage of this correlation and comparison analysis of each store is also displayed to understand which stores get affected by the weather, which don’t.

Integrate Marketing Campaigns 
We integrate your marketing campaigns into our cloud reporting system to measure the effectiveness of each event. It allows you to see how successful the campaign is by comparing the results from those of before and after.

Our cloud reporting is simple to use and easy to understand. Different types of tables, graphs and charts are used to exhibit the data collected for compare/contrast analysis of traffic in different locations, various entrances and even between the weekdays and weekends.

Automated Triggers
Our platform allows you to set automatic e-mail triggers to inform you when a store or door count reaches a specific number or drops down below a certain percentage. This enables you to make flash decisions if necessary.

Online Health Check 
Online Health Check System (OHC) available on Cloud, keeps track of all devices and makes sure they are online at all times. If a device seems to have stopped transmitting data, the OHC system will alert our support team so that we can fix the issue remotely, within the same day.