What is an EM Antenna?

EM – Electro Magetic

EM antennas and EM technology is a niche solution that works great for libraries and DIY stores. It has the advantage of using small, thin adhesive labels which can be deactivated and reactivated. The discreet security labels are read by a security scanner, allowing books to be checked out on deactivation and the later checked back in when the EM label is reactivated.

How does it work?

Rather than using removable tags, EM systems use adhesive labels inside of which is a magnetic strip containing iron. This strip is detected when it passes between a pair of EM antennas. One antenna acts as the transmitter and the other as the receiver. To deactivate the label, a specific type of strong magnetic field is passed through the strip so that it no longer triggers the alarm.

Which retail category prefer EM Antennas?
    • Book stores
    • Libraries
    • Pharmacies
    • DIY Stores
EM antennas
EM antennas

Product focus 

Our most popular EM Antenna

The EM 700 Plexi is our most popular EM antenna, it has a stylish plexi glass design and great function.

How you can prevent shrinkage in your store

  • Train your staff in how to handle customers.
  • Don´t profile – studys show that shoplifters cross both genders and races.
  • Watch shifty behaviour – when someone is looking more at the staff then the merchendise something is off!
  • Use EAS – the most effective tool to stop shoplifters.
  • Put your checkout by the exit, making it easier for you to make eye contact when customers enter the store.
  • Install security cameras.

Why Gateway is a reliable choice

Sustainable choice

When you choose Gateway you choose the most sustainable EAS supplier on the market.

Highest possible quality

We dont make anything half-hazard, when you buy Gateway antennas you buy quality.

EM antennas
Serviceminded supplier

We are ready at your service for service and support – where ever in the world you are.

made in sweden
Made in Sweden

We design and build all our antennas at our factory in Sweden, giving us full insight in the process.

Our range of EM Antennas


EM-technology works best for DIY stores, pharmacies and libraries.