Revolutionizing in anti-shoplifting

proved to reduce shrinkage with 66 %

Concept tags unique design

A unique, symmetrical design with convex outer edges and integrated PinHead and TagHousing. Impossible to remove unauthorized. The tag fits perfectly on the clothes and gives maximum security. It is, with other words, the worlds most advanced and safest tag.

Concept tag is based on the idea of being reusable, replaceable, disposable and recyclable. You can optimize the tag on all levels for an advanced production. The garments will be protected by the Concept tag from the production, transportation, transit, warehouse handling and in the stores until they get released by the worlds most advanced detacher – the Concept detacher. Built-in RFID chip is available as an add-on.

The price for Concept tags will probably be lower than your administration costs on your current tags and work together with existing EAS system, no investment in new technology is necessary.


The safest tag in the world. Has a combination of two locking techniques – mechanic and magnetic and can withstand a pressure of up to 50 kg. Available in AM or RF technology. Can not be opened with other detachers than the Concept detacher, which means that all stolen or homemade detachers will be useless.


With a proven reduction of shrinkage with 66 % the Concept tag gives you better value for money than other tags. No special prices for friends, only scanned/registered items will deactivate the tag.


For everyone that experience problems with shrinkage, both internal and external. By investing in safer tags, you will reduce your total shrinkage cost. A good idea if you have several shops is to introduce Concept tag in one of them and then measure the difference between the stores.

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AM tag

Concept tag ink AM

AM Tag

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