The important role of an EAS Security system

In this post we’ll focus on why it’s important to have the right EAS Security system.

As a provider of EAS Security systems we often hear questions like how valuable and protective EAS system are. Or how fast you’ll be able to see an impact on the monthly shrink cost caused by shoplifters?

Our answer to these questions might surprise you.

At Gateway we believe that we can help retailers minimize their monthly shrinkage with min. 50% in average. Just by choosing the right EAS Setup (the right combination of EAS antennas and EAS tags). Does this sound interesting?

In this post we’ll take a look at how an EAS Security system works so you can get a better idea of why an EAS based security system might be relevant for your business. We’ll also look into which type of EAS system and technology that would be the best choice for your type of business.

What is EAS Security?

EAS Security is protection for your shop or retail chain and the word it self means Electronic Article Surveillance. An EAS Security system usually consists of EAS Antennas and EAS Tags or labels.  These components signals to each other if they come too close. For instance if someone is trying to get a tagged item through the antennas, e.g. stealing it. Protecting your store with EAS Security is an easy way to decrease external shrinkage. The EAS antennas are in themselves deterrent for shoplifters and reports show that EAS Security systems can decrease external shrinkage with 50-90%.

EAS Security System

Who has a need for EAS Security?

Everyone who has a brick and mortar store and has a problem with shrinkage could benefit from a EAS system. Today the worst shoplifting problem is organized groups that go in to stores and steal items in big quantities. But one shouldn´t underestimate the amateur shoplifting either. With an EAS Security system you can prevent a big part of that from happening to your store. For extra security you can choose to integrate metal detection into your system. This will give you a silent alarm if someone enters your store with a metal foiled bag. A metal foiled bag is something that organized shoplifters do to avoid the standard EAS Security systems. You can read more about Integrated Metal Detection via the link below.

Read more about Integrated Metal Detection here>>


Where do I buy my EAS Security solution?

Gateway offer complete EAS Security systems for every need. We produce systems within all available technologies (AM, RF and EM) to make sure we meet your needs. Our Security Solution Specialist will help to guide you to the right EAS Solution.

Which EAS-security solution fits my specific needs?

Every store is unique and has its own needs regarding security. But in general, your type of sales items determines the type of EAS Security solution you need.

An EAS Security System with RF technology is usually preferred by fashion stores or Supermarkets. Use of the AM technology is a good option for most stores but work extra well for department stores, cosmetic and health retailers and hardware stores. The EM technology is the oldest of the three. This technology is mostly used by libraries these days, due to the corresponding EAS labels being possible to activate and deactivate over and over again.

The easiest way to find the right solution for your business is to contact our skilled Security Solution Specialists. That will be able to help and guide you through the jungle of EAS systems.
Please feel free to reach out to one of our specialists if you want to discuss specific needs or challenges.

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