The important role of clothing security tags within the fashion retail industry

The clothing security tag is also what we will discuss today – Why it is important? Is there actually a difference between different tags? And how does the technology work?

One of the biggest reasons for shrinkage within the clothing industry, if not THE biggest is shoplifting. So how do you take up the fight with shoplifting? Is that even a fight that you can win?

Well, we wouldn’t promise a 100 % reduction in shoplifting but we will promise up to 90 %

Fashion retailers can typically reduce their external shrinkage with between 50-90 % by using the right EAS Security system. The clothing security tag plays an important role in the EAS Systems fight against shoplifting etc.

Let´s start with the basic – what is a clothing security tag?

A clothing security tag is one crucial part of an EAS system. The tag is a small “signal transmitter” that you put on the merchandise that you want to protect. The tag will signal to the EAS antennas to make them alarm if they come to close. E.g. if someone is trying to steal the item and take them through the exit without paying/removing the tag. At Gateway we also call these tags consumables.

The million-dollar question – Why is it important to use EAS technology?

EAS technology is an old technology – meaning that it is reliable, well tested and high functioning. It is an easy way to protect your merchandise. The tags will sound an alarm if they come to close to the antennas. This will make it easy for your security staff to intervene when someone is trying to steal something. The antennas in themselves also look deterrent to potential shoplifters, they will if possible choose a different store to steal from instead.

Amateur shoplifters vs organized crimes

In general terms the shoplifters can be divided into two groups – the amateurs and the professionals. The amateurs is the largest group and represent around 85 % of the shoplifters. They are easier to spot than the professionals and are usually caught by your EAS system as long as items are correctly marked up. They are in many cases not aware which labels are the actual alarms (they can look very much just like a barcode) or you can hide labels inside of packages to make them hard to remove before stealing.

The organized shoplifters, the professionals, are usually harder to spot. They may case a store well in advance of the actual theft. They know how the labels look and which tags that they can open, and they usually go after the most valuable items that is easy to resell. Sometimes the organized shoplifters bring prepared bags, with a metal foil on the inside of the fabric, this reduces the signal from the tags by so much that the shoplifters can take them through the antennas without an alarm. To avoid this you can integrate your antennas with metal detection, which will send a silent alarm (a light behind the cashier and notifications to your phone) already when someone enters your store, giving you the possibility to surveil this person when they are in the store and not giving them a chance to continue with the planned theft.

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Clothing security tag

The difference between tags – is there one?

The biggest difference between tags are their lock mechanism, whether they unlock with the use of mechanic force or magnetic power. A mechanic lock can be unlocked with the help of force. A magnetic lock can be unlocked with the help of magnetic power, which means that the detacher must have a strong magnetic quality – this is why you always have to have the sign “do not put your credit cards here” on your checkout, because the magnet in the detacher will de-magnetize the credit cards.

Clothing security tag

Concept tag

There is one clothing security tag that is safer than others, it is called the concept tag. This tag has a combined locking mechanism that uses both mechanic and magnetic technique. The combination of these two techniques makes it almost impossible for someone without an authorized detacher to remove the tags – making it the safest tag in the world.

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Clothing security tag

The right tag for the right item

The other thing to have in mind when choosing tags, is the item that you are about to tag. A smaller clothing security tag is great for swim wear, tight clothes or shoes – you want as little as possible to restrict fitting of clothes. Certain tags is better for clothes made of delicate material, clothes with special functions (like waterproof items) etc. You can also choose between light grey or black tags, whichever looks best with the brands image. There is an option of including ink in some tags, this will destroy the item if the tag is opened in an incorrect way, making it less desirable for thieves. If you choose ink tags, you will have to exchange them after a while to keep the ink fresh and not dry out.

All this is things that you need to take in to consideration when choosing your tags – of course we have dedicated staff to help guide you>>

Who has a need to protect their clothes with the help from EAS?

Every store that has a problem with shrinkage can benefit from the use of an EAS system. The use of the right quality of clothing security tags and EAS antennas generally reduce shrinkage with between 50-90 %

Does it make sense for my store to install an EAS security system and to use tags on valuable items?

Well, that depends on your monthly shrink cost and type/size of retail you have. There are different products and set up possibilities when it comes to EAS security systems, depending on the size of the retail, number of retails and type of retail. The easiest way to find the solution that fit your needs best is to let our security solutions specialist guide you, you find them here>>

Clothing security tag
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Where do I buy my System?

Gateway sells clothing security tag and consumables since 1994 and are proud to be known as a provider great quality and great service. At Gateway we can help customizing the security system to your meet your needs. If you want more information about our consumables, then please feel free to contact us below to get in touch.

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