Fusion with Metal Detection

Merging Design with Quality and Security

Design, quality and security in one attractive package. A perfect fit for every fashion retailer who don’t want to compromise on either design or security. Attractive design with plexiglass frames, perfect for wide entrances. The Antenna has an integrated Metal Detection function which triggers a silent alarm when a foil-lined bag designed for shoplifting is detected.


Antenna Features

  • RF technology
  • Swedish design
  • Integrated Metal Detection
  • Plexiglass frames
  • Attractive modern design
  • Environmentally friendly
Antenna color  Base color
Transparent  Black
transparent Black

Antenna Dimensions

Width 345 mm
Height 1600 mm
Thickness 20 mm
Thickness at base 140 mm
Weight 36 kg


Remote Service

Service your antennas remotely. If an error occurs, the antenna can be adjusted remotely via Internet using a laptop or a mobile device.

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Etched logo

Customize the antenna with an etched logo. It makes the antenna look luxurious. The etched logo will illuminate if used together with prisma function.

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Makes your antenna glow in any color of your choice

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Protection buffers

Buffers to protect your antenna from being damaged

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