Optimize your traffic, staff and marketing strategies to increase conversion rates and profits with actionable data.

Every business with a physical space should count customer traffic in order to see the bigger picture of what is going on in their business. Whether you are a shopping center, retail chain, museum, library, sporting venue, bank, restaurant or other… People Counting data will help you make well informed decisions about your business.

Benchmarking businesses, figuring out the conversion rate for each spot to see the real performance, efficiently allocating your staff according to hourly visitor traffic will create value in terms of revenue, profit and  efficiency.

Stereo Vision Depth Image

We recommend V-Count 3D Alpha+

Our most recent V-Count 3D Alpha+ provides average of 98% counting accuracy rate with its, stereo vision technology, the highest technology available in the people counting market right now. It could be said that it is the most accurate and reliable way to measure people’s footfall activity in and out of a physical space.

V-Count 3D Alpha+ is designed for retailers, entertainment venues, mall operators, healthcare facilities and others who want to understand how people enter, move through and exit physical spaces. The unit can provide a wide range of traffic, queue, and other behavioral metrics. This provides you with additional information about your customers and their shopping behavior. It is now possible to get all this data in one device with its combined technology.


Real Time People Counting
Count the number of people entering, exiting and passing by your store in real time.

Conversion Rate
Calculate the conversion rates of each store by knowing how many of your customers generate your sales.

Benchmark high-performing stores and optimize your lowest performing stores to reach their performance.

Peak Hours
Discover your power hours in which your stores generate most traffic, and have biggest sale opportunities.

Staff Optimization
Optimize staff operation in accordance to the number of visitors and their needs within your stores during power hours.

Group Counting
Purify your conversion rate by consolidating groups of visitors, families and couples as 1 potential buyer.