Store Protect Prime

Stylish and cost-effective antenna

The Store Protect series gives you a full range of top quality anti-shoplifting systems, working with the industry standard AM technology. Top quality in both antenna-design and function, with the ability to access and control the system via Remote Service.


Antenna Features

  • AM Technology
  • Metal frame
  • Narrow base
  • Swedish design
  • Environmentally friendly
Antenna color Sidepanel color
Aluminum  Grey
Silver Grey

Antenna Dimensions

Width 446 mm
Height 1515 mm
Thickness 37 mm
Thickness at base 64 mm
Weight 14 kg

StoreProtect Controller
The Controller powers up to 9 StoreProtect Antennas depending on configuration. Mounting plate is included.

Width 250 mm
Height 83 mm
Length 415 mm
Weight 7,3 kg


Remote Service v4

Remote Service v4 runs on all StoreProtect AM antennas. If an error occurs, the antenna can be adjusted remotely via Internet using a laptop or a mobile device.

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Full-length sidepanels

Customize the antenna with full-length side-panels.

Anti-climbing screen

Discrete plexi sheet to prevent antennas from being climbed upon.

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Protection buffers

Buffers to protect your antenna from being damaged.

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